Loyalty Cashback

9 August 2022 Amega

What is the Loyalty Cashback promotion?

The Amega Loyalty Cashback is a promotion that offers Cashback commissions to existing or new clients of Amega. The active period for the Loyalty Cashback promotion is unlimited.

How does the Amega Loyalty Cashback work?

In 3 simple steps:

Trade > Get Rewarded > Repeat

The more trading volume performed, the greater Cashback rewards you will earn.
Amega offers one of the most competitive Cashback promotions in the market industry.

Join the Amega Loyalty Cashback promotion today and get your immediate trading rewards with every lot size. Any trading volumes are taken into account in our promotion. All our clients at Amega will have a chance to take part in this exclusive offer.

$5 back from Amega for each trading lot.


If the client has traded 11 lots of GOLD, then the total commission amount received in the Cashback wallet will be 11 x 5 = 55 USD.

*Please read our terms and agreements before you start.

Key points for the Loyalty Cashback promotion

  1. The Loyalty Cashback promotion applies only on Forex and Metal markets
  2. 5 USD per lot
  3. Minimum withdrawal is 100 USD
  4. Maximum reward amount is unlimited

The more trading volume you accumulate, the more you will earn for each trading lot!

When trading with Amega, traders have competitive trading conditions: Advanced trading platform, trading rewards, access to the top markets and many more.

Get started with our Loyalty Cashback promotion today


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