4 March 2022

With the West continuing to roll out tough sanctions against Russia, commodities markets can be expected to grow more amidst supply constraints. While logistic issues increase the cost for importers as they now

18 February 2022

Investing in gold is a popular investment activity that has proven to be very valuable over the years. For many investors and institutions, investing in gold around times of financial instability can rip

11 February 2022

The US CPI rose to a 40-year high of 7.5% in January as inflation keeps running hot despite economists expecting a print of 7.3%. This is the second time the index hit a

4 February 2022

Tensions have risen Since December, tensions between Ukraine and Russia have escalated. The conflict went live when US and NATO decided to respond to Ukraine's calls to join the 30-state body. Stand-offs between

28 January 2022

Although many traders don't realise this, technical analysis is the most systematic approach to trading. If you are into forex, be it a beginner trader, pro, or simple interested, you probably already know

21 January 2022

It depends on whom you ask. The Elliott Wave theory has been around for more than a century and has been an extensively researched and traded technical analysis methodology used by numerous authors

14 January 2022

The main idea that technical analysis is one of the most effective ways to analyse the markets is based on the assumption that price movements can predict the future. Although the premise may

7 January 2022

One of the things learned on the trading floor is that the most crucial part of the success formula is to accept a loss. It’s how traders gain an additional profit and an

31 December 2021

Beginner traders unfamiliar with Fibonacci numbers and ratios should know that they are widely known tools used to analyse trends and predict the price of any instrument. As traders of the new millennia,

24 December 2021

Although there is historical precedence that stocks rise at Christmas time, there is no statistical evidence on whether the Santa Rally of 2021 has already begun if one uses the official approach. Since