Revenue Share (RS) – Partnership Program

9 August 2022 Amega

What is the Revenue Share (RS) program?

The Revenue Share is a program which falls under a business model, where partners have their own rewards. More specifically, through this program, partners get their commission from the trading activity by their referrals.

In the forex industry, the revenue share program is common and attractive for partners because of its long-term benefits. Partners continue to earn in the long-term as long as their referrals keep their trading account active.   

How does the RS program work?

With the RS partnership program, you will receive your commissions from the trading volume of the closed transactions generated by your referrals for a lifetime period. In other words, a part of the company’s profit generated by the spreads will be delivered to our partners.

Being partner of Amega you’ll have lots of benefits:

  • Attractive payouts
  • 3-level partnership program
  • World’s trusted broker
  • Wide selection of promo materials

How to create the partner link?

The RS partnership program provides our partners with an important feature and advantage: Flexibility. Our partners have the flexibility to create multiple campaigns. Thus, they will be able to track the performance of different resources such as channels, landing pages, banners. In other words, the number of campaigns is unlimited for our partners.

The current program becomes available to the partners immediately after their registration. No verification process is required. Forex, Energy, Commodity and Metal are included in the current partnership program.


The commission on 1 lot will be 8 USD

The commission on 1 lot will be 12 USD

Turn your network into a constantly growing income

See how much you can earn as a partner. Revenue share model payouts:

FX, Energy, Commodity:

Level 1Level 2Level 3
8.00 USD per 1 lot1.60 USD per 1 lot0.80 USD per 1 lot


Level 1Level 2Level 3
12.00 USD per 1 lot 2.40 USD per 1 lot1.20 USD per 1 lot
* Please read ourterms and agreements before you start.

Key Points for RS partnership program:

  • The RS partnership program is available to all our clients immediately upon their registration
  • Commissions are automatically credited to their IB wallet
  • Withdrawal process from the payment system is performed manually
  • There is no minimum deposit amount that is required from the referrals by Amega, but some payment systems may have a minimum required amount 
  • There is no limitation on the referral’s trading volume

Join the Amega RS partnership program today and get your revenue. 

To sum up, by being part of the RS partnership program at Amega is a profitable way to generate income for a long-term. The more active registrations you bring to Amega, the greater your commission income will be. Your income is not limited by anything. As long as your referred clients trade you will be receiving your commissions.


  1. We are flexible and open to discuss any other cooperation scheme you may wish to perform. 
  2. This RS partnership program is suitable for everyone, but we do not guarantee profit from it. Commission payments may be cancelled due to violation of our company terms.

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