18 April 2022

Last week's data showed that economies had varying performance - for example, the US seems to benefit from the end of COVID-19 restrictions while the APAC regions suffer from worsening supply issues since

11 April 2022

Weekly Outlook The events on the economic calendar this week include central bank meetings, and key releases on US, UK, and New Zealandia data. UK inflation expected to subside Many business owners and

4 April 2022

Weekly Outlook Investors got a break last week after peace talks took place for the war in Ukraine but this week they will watch for a detailed look into the next impact of

21 March 2022

Covid is back! Following the conclusion of a rather busy week for banks the focus will shift to March’s Flash PMI. The latest release will reflect the economic impact of the war in

14 March 2022

Banks back at it It has been nearly three weeks since the invasion began with the abundance of economic forecasts for growth and inflation has taken the back seat. Despite headlines concerning Ukraine

7 March 2022

Market Under Continued Pressure The week on the economic calendar features some key GDP and inflation releases and ECB’s policy update. But market guidance will be likely dominated by news around Ukraine as

28 February 2022

Markets Repriced But Still Vurnerable Markets will continue to be dominated by the Ukraine/Russia debacle in the coming week. Investors will remain focused on the length of sanctions announced against Russia, particularly from

21 February 2022

Back to normal? Oil might take a beating Uncertainty surrounding geopolitical tensions at Europe's doorstep appeared averting early in the week. It seems the latest diplomatic efforts spearheaded by France's Macron started to

14 February 2022

Fears of Attack Increase Oil Highly Susceptible to Geos It is a busy week as diplomatic talks around the Ukraine-Russia crisis will receive much attention from a speculative standpoint. On Tuesday, German chancellor

7 February 2022

And the EU crisis continues… The ECB signaled rate hikes to everyone's surprise last week, citing inflation from higher energy costs. If the energy crisis escalates on the back of increasing tensions between