Cost Per Action (CPA) – Partnership Program

4 August 2022 Amega

How does the Amega CPA partnership program work?

“Cost Per Action / Cost Per Acquisition”, known as a “CPA”, is a type of an advertising model in which partners are paid their commission for achieving a marketing goal, which is bringing referral traders. In more detail, the goal from the CPA model is that traders who are attracted by a partner need to complete some actions:

  1. Registration
  2. Make the first-time deposit (FTD)
  3. Complete the required trading volume within 30 calendar days of the FTD

Partner’s commission is calculated and approved by the manager of the company.

How to create the referral link?

If you wish to join the Amega CPA partnership program, you will need to address our manager for assisting you. 

Amega partnership program provides our partners with an important feature and advantage: Flexibility. Our partners have the flexibility to create multiple campaigns with a unique and separated link for each time. Thus, they will be able to track the performance of different dimensions such as channels, landing pages, banners. In other words, the number of campaigns is unlimited for our partners.

As a partner, you can start posting the company’s promotional materials on your social networks to attract the targeting audience. As soon as your referrals register with Amega by using one of your referral links, you will see your referrals at the partners portal area. Once your referrals start trading and meet all the conditions, you will start earning your fixed commissions. 

It is of high importance to generate and use your referral link in every promotional activity you are performing. This unique URL represents your referral ID, and it would be easier for you as a partner to monitor your performance in this CPA partnership program. You will get paid with a fixed commission based on our CPA model.

CPA Commissions Payout

4 lot250 – 500 USD150 USD
5 lot501 – 1000 USD300 USD
10 lot1001+ USD600 USD
* Please read our terms and agreements before you start.

Key Points for CPA partnership program:

  • Partners will be assigned under the CPA partnership program once a manager from Amega provides an approval of their participation
  • Verification for our partners is mandatory
  • Referrals must demonstrate sufficient trading activity to support the deposit they have made. The minimum FTD amount is 250 USD
  • Referral’s trading turnover must be at least 4 lots within a month (30 calendar days) from the date of their first-time deposit
  • Commissions will be credited to the partner’s IB wallet, once the company manager provides an approval that all the conditions were met
  • The commission to our partners for each referral they brought by using the CPA partnership program “Cost per action” (hereinafter “CPA”), is calculated once per month. Commission will be transferred to our partners, within 15 days after the end of the reporting period

Being part of the Amega CPA partnership program you will have many benefits such as:

  • Attractive Payouts
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Transparent Data and Performance Overview
  • A wide selection of Promotional Materials available by Amega

To sum up, by being part of CPA partnership at Amega is a sustainable way to generate passive income with attractive commissions. The more active registrations you bring to Amega the greater your commission income will be. Your income is not limited by anything.


  1. This CPA partnership program is suitable for everyone, but we do not guarantee profit from it. Commission payments may be delayed or cancelled due to violation of our company terms
  2. We are flexible and open to discuss any other cooperation scheme you may wish to perform

If you want to register on the CPA partnership program, please contact the manager of our company:


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