A-Mega Reward

5 December 2022 Amega

What is the Amega Reward?

The Amega Reward is a brand-new promotion that can enhance the earnings received by the Loyalty Cashback Program.

How does the Amega Reward promotion work?

The Amega Reward works in conjunction with the Loyalty Cashback Program.
By completing 5 lots in trading within a month of your last deposit, you will receive $20 as a reward in addition to the existing cashback of the Loyalty Program.

This means that trading 5 lots within a month after your deposit will yield:

  • $5 per lot = $25 (Loyalty Cashback Program)
  • Plus, $20 (Amega Reward)
  • For a total of $45 in cashback, which you can transfer to your trading account or withdraw

Key Points for the Amega Reward Promotion:

  1. The Amega Reward is valid beginning December 12th
  2. The Amega Reward applies only to the Forex and Metal Markets
  3. The Amega Reward counts as an addition to the payout of the Loyalty Cashback Program
  4. You must complete 5 lots of trading within a month after your last deposit, in order to receive the $20 dollar payout
  5. The Amega Reward is applicable regardless of the market direction
  6. The acquired funds can be transferred to a trading account or withdrawn from your trading account
  7. The Amega Reward is unlimited. This means that you will receive $20 for every 5 lots completed within a month after your deposit, with no cap

If for example, you complete 10 lots within the allocated time, you would receive $40 on top of the Loyalty Program cashback (5×10=50) for a total of $90.

This is a unique opportunity to jump into the action today! Registering with Amega is super-fast, and account verification only takes a few minutes, thanks to our innovative verification app.

Join Amega today, and take advantage of this unique promotion!


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